Product Code: 22-2S

Colour: White or Black

Length152 metres

Description: 2 Core – 22 gauge (0.33mm)

P.C.W. CL3 P.V.C insulated. CL3 P.V.C. sheathed. Screened 100v Line Speaker Flex. Oxygen Free Copper. RoHS compliant.

Conductor : 7 strands of 0.24 mm Annealed Copper to AS/NZS1125 drawn from Class 102 copper to AS/NZS1574. Max. D.C. resistance at 20C : 19.0 ohms / km

Insulation: Coloured CL3 PVC to AS/NZS3808, Nominal Diameter : 1.3 mm

Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.5 mm

Lay Up: 2 Cores. 1. Red 2. Black 

Sheath: Aluminium/Polyester tape screen in contact along it’s length with a 7/.2 TACW drain wire. 

Identification: Printed at max 1000mm spacings.

Cable to be meter marked, i.e every 1 meter


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