If all you needed was a length of cable, then anything would do. But a great install needs more than just the lowest-priced option. If your customer demands a premium end result and you need a seamless installation, Wekawire delivers.


Reinforced Packaging

Premium Quality

Water Resistant

Easy to Strip

Competitive Pricing

Tangle Free

Combined with a wooden reel and a designated payout hole, our unique cable wind means less time hassling with wire and more time working.

Reinforced Packaging

Our boxes hold up to plenty of job site abuse and last longer under severe conditions. Dual-layer reinforcements mean the times of ripping your handles are over. This stronger, tougher and more rugged build helps maintain box integrity.

Premium Quality

All our cables are made with supreme Oxygen-Free Copper wire to ensure premium sound quality in your systems. Higher purity copper means better low-level signal transmission and great sound. Available in black and white.

Water Resistant Paper Laminate​

Laminated cardboard helps protect the box from water damage and keep yours cable dry.​

Metre Markers

Our metre markers indicate how much cable has been used and how much is left. This ensures you make every use of all the cable in each box. Meter markers are printed on all our Wekawire cables.

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