Marketing and Operations Manager
Mobile: 021 82 88 99
DDI: 09 913 6212

He has intuitive knowledge within the marketing world and brings a fresh perspective to the team. Simon specialises in our digital marketing, social media and operations here at NSL.

Simon started his career as a Stylist at HUGO BOSS. After graduating at the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Marketing and Information Systems, he later joined Mercedes-Benz Botany as a Marketing and Sales Assistant. After a short period, he relocated to Christchurch as the Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz.

Simon favourite AV Product currently is the 'Shure MX910 Ceiling Array Microphone'. He couldn't believe that an AV product could be so aesthetically pleasing (he thought it was just a ceiling tile), and envisioned how it could seamlessly integrate with modern interior design.

Please welcome Simon to the team, we are excited to have him on board!