Fees & Charges

The minimum charge for out of warranty repairs is $90, irrelevant of if you wish to go ahead with the repair. The minimum repair cost is equivalent to one hour’s labour ($90), which covers time required to assess and quote your repair. The minimum charge will be absorbed into the total repair cost if you wish to proceed with the repair.

Non account customers are required to pay a deposit of $90 for any items being left for non-warranty repairs. This deposit goes toward the cost of the repair or replacement of the product and is non-refundable. For customers without a NSL account, please contact us service@nsl.co.nz with your credit card details, or for our banking details.

Fees & charges:

  • Standard Labour Rate: $90 per hour.
  • Minimum Spare Parts Order: $20.00
  • Investigation Fee: $55.00
    (This fee will only apply if job arrives by courier without any paperwork or information regarding the fault, or who the item belongs to.)
  • Cleaning Fee: $62.50
    (This fee will only apply if item has foreign bodies or is excessively dusty or dirty.)

All prices exclude GST and freight charges.

Payment Methods:

If your product is out of warranty and you do not have a credit account set up with NSL, please confirm your payment method upon logging your job. We will not attempt a repair unless we receive a valid payment method beforehand.

If your product is out of warranty and you do have a credit account set up with NSL, please include a Purchase Order with the name of the main contact for the item if your Accounts Payable requires a Purchase Order on invoices.

  • Cash (for customers who book an appointment and visit the Service Department only)
  • Credit Cards: Visa & MasterCard (subject to 3% fee)
  • Bank transfer, please contact service@nsl.co.nz for your reference number and our bank details.