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Inspired by New Zealand cuisines with a twist on Japanese Izakaya (Tavern).
The Izakai Bar & Eatery delivers an exquisite selection of NZ/Japanese inspired
food including Ramen, Gyoza and Yakitori skewer; it’s sure to make your tastebuds tingle.
Our bar & eatery is an intimate space centred around our long curved bar, ideal for dates, dinner and drinks; perfect for a night out with your friends or family.
Izakai Bar & Eatery officially opened at the start of the year and located in the heart of Bayfair mall (Tauranga).

Project Brief

Izakai Bar and Eatery required an audio system that was designed to deliver
optimum sound performance throughout the facility.
Liam (Owner) was looking for an end-to-end audio solution that would enhance the experience for guests.
Izakai Bar & Eatery provides social, bar and dining experiences during business hours.
Their use of areas includes the bar, dining area, outdoors, kitchen, and restrooms.


Premium Sound

The team at Izakai Bar & Eatery required an audio solution that would deliver consistent, high quality sound throughout the restaurant. Whether an event is on or music is in the background, sound is meant to be enjoyed by the guests.

Set and Forget

Store managers need to focus on running the restaurant, not the AV system. They wanted a system that was easy to use and only needs minimal adjustment during business hours.

Multi-Zone Processing and Control

There are four distinct zones in the restaurant, dining area, bar, outdoor and kitchen. Each required settings based on time of day and occupancy level.

Architecturally Pleasing

Izakai Bar & Eatery desired a loudspeaker solution that would blend into the environment without distracting from the interior designer’s vision.


The QSC MP Series music and paging mixer (MP-M40), as part of the
QSC Business Music Solutions, was used to offer unprecedented
capabilities combined with ease of configuration and operations best
suited for Izakai Bar & Eatery.

The accompanying MP Install configuration app allowed the installer to
configure the system wirelessly, establish distinct zones throughout the
facility on the fly. The end result allowed for complete flexibility during
the tuning and a distinct customer experience throughout the venue.
In addition, the MP Series mixer required no additional hardware to
control (although the MP-MFC wallmount controllers are hardwired
options for simple system control). Instead, staff members use the MP
Manage control app for easy volume adjustments during peak hours.

The wireless app, available for smartphones and tablets, is free to use
with the MP-M Series mixers, and allowed the venue to save installation
time and money by reducing the hardware in the system

Products and Aesthetic

The install used a mix of QSC AcousticDesign™ Series from the

ceiling-mount, surface-mount and pendant-mount loudspeakers.

These loudspeakers ensure optimum sound coverage and guests

won’t notice any level of audio transition as they move from one

zone to another.


The AcousticDesign™ Series is explicitly designed to be

aesthetically pleasing.


With QSC, Izakai Bar & Eatery found a solutions provider that could help deliver a truly premium foreground music system that will allow guests to enjoy. 


Izakai Bar & Eatery can now experience superior sound quality, whether it’s a function, event or a special occasion; QSC is known to deliver.

Sound Addiction provided the best possible solution for Izakai Bar & Eatery, providing a seamless system with superior quality and design.

Liam owner of Izakai Bar & Eatery will definitely be using Sound Addiction again for future ventures!

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Izakai Bar & Eatery (Tauranga)

07 572 0484 | www.izakai.co.nz | manager@izakai.co.nz
19 Girven Rd, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Sound Addiction (Integrator)

027 589 8895 | matt@soundaddiction.co.nz
22 Rame Road, Greenhithe, Auckland, 0632

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