Performance Venues

Shure Wireless Solutions

From Sound Engineers to Live Performers, Event Producers to Public Speakers, professionals the world over have come to rely on Shure to deliver consistently high standards needed to excel in demanding environments. Many productions have complex stage setups that involve more than one area of the venue. Events today are using more wireless channels than ever, while the amount of available spectrum continues to get smaller. Shure increases your confidence in operate in a variety of applications, and protect against dropouts and other issues even in large venues.

QSC Performance Venues System Solutions

The audio system of any performance venue is only as good as its components, which is why demanding sound designers insist upon the power, performance, clarity and utter reliability of QSC audio systems. Building upon our reputation for superior fidelity, QSC brings together the best of our world-famous live sound products into a package that is surprisingly cost-efficient and remarkably easy to manage, thanks to our innovative, IP-based architecture.

Hearing Assistance for Performance Venues

Hearing is a critical part of each visitor’s experience. Whether it's a musical instrument, an audio description in a cinema or a ranger at a national park, a visitor’s experience can be defined not only by what they see but by their ability to hear. Williams Sound offers solutions to help your venue meet the communication needs of your visitors and employees – including an array of large-area FM, infrared and digital communication systems. Each system is designed to meet ADA and DDA accessibility requirements, so they also provide peace of mind.

Performance Venue References:

  • SKY CITY Auckland
  • Aotea Centre
  • Aotea Square
  • Auckland Town Hall
  • The Civic
  • Bruce Mason Centre
  • Mt Smart Stadium
  • QBE Stadium
  • Western Springs Stadium
  • FMG Stadium, Waikato

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