Houses of Worship

Shure Microphone Solutions

Proven reliable in installations worldwide, Shure wired and wireless systems are well suited to meet the diverse audio requirements of any House of Worship. Ideal for choirs, lecterns, and altars, Shure products deliver the superior sound quality needed for inspiring services that are verbally and musically dynamic, with worship leaders, singers and musicians all relying on Shure to get their message heard.

QSC Houses of Worship System Solutions

To overcome the problems caused by reverberant spaces, QSC audio systems integrate concert-quality loudspeakers with advanced technologies like digital signal processing to reduce echoes and improve clarity/ intelligibility of sermons and other spoken words. Yet even with this level of technical sophistication, QSC makes it easy to create custom touchscreens with pre-sets that simplify audio mixing by church volunteers and lay persons.

Williams Sounds Hearing Assistance for Houses of Worship

Not everyone hears "the message" the same in your congregation, especially those who have difficulty hearing. Distance from the sound source to the listener can create a poor listening environment; poor acoustics can reduce the listener´s ability to hear and understand the pastor´s message; background noise can greatly degrade the audibility of the pastor´s message. Hearing and understanding allows for participation.

Houses of Worship Project References:

  • Papatoetoe Seventh-day Adventist Community Church
  • St David's Anglican Church
  • FO Guang Shan Temple
  • UCKG
  • City Church, Tauranga
  • Shore Community Church

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