Shure Healthcare Training Solutions:

For doctors and nurses facing the reality of life or death every day, appropriate training to act quickly, correctly and calmly is incredibly important. Clinical educators are increasingly utilizing advanced communications systems to interact with students during simulation scenarios. Shure delivers the audio technology needed to support these latest teaching methodologies in healthcare training, providing clear sound to enhance the learning experience for students.

QSC Healthcare System Solutions:

As a worldwide manufacturing leader of installed audio, video, and control solutions, QSC believes that complete, tightly integrated systems are inherently more efficient at every stage of the life cycle than systems assembled from a grab bag of discrete parts. That’s why QSC designs and builds processing, amplification, and loudspeaker products with the total system in mind.

Williams Sound Hearing Assistance for Healthcare:

Healthcare facilities need to focus on delivering high-quality care while keeping a constant eye on operating costs. To open new and enhance existing communication channels, Williams Sound offers a range of technology solutions to meet healthcare facility needs -- from personal listening systems that encourage greater caregiver/patient interaction to digital two-way communication systems that streamline training scenarios.

Healthcare Project References:

  • Burwood Hospital

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