From local government offices, regional councils, to national parliaments, government members meet with a purpose – to serve and support their communities.

Shure’s conference solutions are designed to seamlessly manage every aspect of meetings on government level, comprising comprehensive meeting management tools that facilitate formal, structured discussion under parliamentary rule of order, enable efficient decision making, and properly document results and outcomes.

From daily judicial/ legislative communications to critical command and control transmissions, QSC enterprise-class solutions combine the clarity of concert-quality sound with the efficiency of modular architecture and the productivity of familiar, IP-based connectivity. This unique mix enables governmental organizations to capitalise on their existing network infrastructure and IT management expertise in order to maximize ROI.

Whether using wireless digital, multi-channel FM or secure infrared technology, Williams Sound has the stationary or portable listening solutions to help you successfully engage participants – to help you meet your facilities needs for hearing assistance, language interpretation and private listening services. From courtrooms to military training, from retrofit to new construction, Williams Sound has the technology and flexibility to help you meet your accessibility requirements.

Government Project References using NSL product:

  • NZ Parliament, Wellington
  • Ministry of Justice, Nationwide
  • National Crisis Centre
  • Parliament of Samoa
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Marlborough District Council
  • Napier City Council
  • Wellington Council

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