AV Production

Shure Wireless Solutions

Sound Engineers and Event Producers the world over have come to rely on Shure to deliver consistently high standards needed to excel in demanding environments. Many productions have complex stage setups that involve more than one area of the venue. Live events today are using more wireless channels than ever, while the amount of available spectrum continues to get smaller. Shure increases your confidence in operate in a variety of applications, and protect against dropouts and other issues even in large venues and challenging RF environments.

QSC Production Solutions

QSC has been powering sound systems for local and regional production events as well as corporate events for over forty years. Whether you’re a local sound company, equipment rental house, or an event production corporation, reliability and performance from your equipment are what bring profits. Every product that QSC delivers is designed to withstand the punishment of mobile production sound and remain looking and sounding great event after event.

AV Production References:

  • Vidcom (Shure & QSC Professional)
  • Videopro (Shure Wireless & QSC Professional)
  • NW Group (Shure Wireless)

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