Corporate Collaboration

Communication ceases with unintelligible audio. From the boardroom to the training centre to huddle rooms scattered across a facility, speech intelligibility is mission critical in corporate environments.

Shure Conferencing Solutions

Shure delivers conference microphones and perfectly paired tech solutions that allow you to have natural communication as if you were in the same room. With speech reinforcement options to empower your voice, we have the technology best suited for momentous meetings.

QSC Q-Sys Ecosystem

QSC offers a fully integrated audio, video & control ecosystem along with networked amplifiers and loudspeakers that serve the smallest meeting room to the largest enterprise. No need to piecemeal hardware or software from different manufacturers, which greatly reduces design commissioning time and cost. Only one platform to learn for design and support needs.

QSC Audio & Control Solutions for Transport

QSC audio solutions provide the highest levels of reliability, security, and management control.

Flexible IP Based Architecture

Our IP-based architecture provides complete system redundancy for mission critical installations and flexible administration levels for paging priority, including long-haul paging or emergency announcements via native WAN streaming or VoIP.

Advanced Integration

In addition to simpler management via IT-friendly, Layer 3 discovery, QSC IP-based systems also offer full remote API control from any custom console via GPIO, RS232, TCP/IP or UDP/IP.


Convention centres and many hotels are designed to house a wide range of events and accommodate a variety of functional needs.

Conference halls or ballrooms in these venues can often be subdivided into smaller rooms, creating a need for flexible AV solutions that can adapt to any room size, layout, or type of event.

QSC Q-Sys Ecosystem

QSC offers a fully integrated audio, video & control ecosystem. This allows skilled integrators to create a unified, simple to operate system that empowers venue staff to deliver the technology that your clients require.

Visionary Solutions PacketAV®

Visionary’s PacketAV® video distribution products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network.  They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or a physically separate parallel network [private network] to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices to deliver real-time low-latency video throughout your venue.


For doctors and nurses facing the reality of life or death every day, appropriate training to act quickly, correctly and calmly is incredibly important. Clinical educators are increasingly utilizing advanced communications systems to interact with students during simulation scenarios.


Shure Microflex® Advance™ & Microflex® Wireless

Shure has a wide range of products with the audio technology needed to support the latest teaching methodologies in healthcare training, providing clear sound to enhance the learning experience for students.

Williams Sound Hearing Assistance

Healthcare facilities need to focus on delivering high-quality care while keeping a constant eye on operating costs.

To open and enhance existing communication channels, WIlliams Sound offers a range of technology solutions to meet healthcare facility needs – from personal listening systems that encourage greater caregiver/patient interaction to digital two-way communication systems that streamline training scenarios. 


From local government offices, regional councils, to national parliaments, government members meet with a purpose – to serve and support their communities.

Shure Microflex® Complete & Microflex® Complete Wireless

Shure’s conference solution are designed to seamlessly manage, every aspect of meetings at every level of government, comprising comprehensive meeting management tools that facilitate formal, structured discussion under parliamentary rule of order, enable efficient decision making, and properly document results and outcomes.

QSC Q-Sys Ecosystem

QSC offers a fully integrated audio, video & control ecosystem along with networked amplifiers and loudspeakers that serve the smallest meeting room to the largest. No need to piecemeal hardware or software from different manufacturers, which greatly reduces design commissioning time and cost. Only one platform to learn for design and support needs.


Williams Sound Tour Guide Systems

Whether walking through the ruins of ancient Greece of your company’s factory, a Williams Sound tour guide system can ensure your group hears every word the guide says for an unforgettable experience.

Williams Sound offers a variety of communication solutions to help ensure visitors hear every word, including an array of one and two-way tour guide systems.

QSC System Solutions for Tourism

Easily create an atmosphere for your venue that is uniquely your own. Superior audio is essential to enhance any tourist’s experience – whether it’s music to energize the crown, live announcements to keep visitors informed, or priority paging.

QSC systems can deliver the end-to-end power needed to fill any venue with immersive sound. Based on an efficient, IP-based architecture that eliminates redundant wiring and infrastructure, our solutions reduce costs while enhancing management and simplifying control.

Funeral Homes

Shure Microphones

From small podium microphones installed at the funeral home, to wireless systems used at the graveside service, Shure has a range of microphones and audio products to ensure clarity in the message from speakers, and create a memorable experience for families as they say goodbye.

QSC Funeral Home System Solutions

QSC has a range of systems products that can be leveraged to create a highly capable system, that remains simple to operate.

This allows funeral directors to concentrate on delivering respectful service, without worrying about the technology.

Williams Sound Hearing Assistance

Distance from the sound source to the listener can create a poor listening environment for those with a hearing imparement.

Williams Sound has a range of product that will ensure every word is heard.

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