AV Production


Shure Wireless Solutions


Sound engineers and event producers worldwide have come to rely on Shure to deliver premium-quality audio needed to excel in demanding environments. 

Many productions have complex stage setups that involve more than one area of the venue.

With Shure, you can feel more confident in operating in various applications and ultimately protect against dropouts and other issues, even in large venues and challenging RF environments. 


QSC Production Solutions

QSC has been powering sound systems for local and regional production events as well as corporate events for over fifty years.

Whether you’re a local sound company, or an event production company, your equipment’s reliability and performance are what brings valued customers.

Shure Broadcast Solutions


Shure Wireless Solutions


Within the broadcast space, high-quality video and audio go hand in hand. If the audio is not intelligible, the video output will not be efficient and deemed obsolete.


Broadcast producers around the world have relied on Shure to deliver consistently top industry standards, from portable solutions to application-specific microphones and headsets, with advanced wireless systems designed to tackle the toughest spectrum challenges.

Music & Live Performance




Whether you’re singing with a passion, demonstrating impressive percussion abilities, playing the guitar like a pop star, or performing with any other instrument. Shure has the right gear for you!


From gigs, concerts, school auditoriums, or to the world’s most recognisable stage, Shure’s products set messages in motion. 


QSC Live Sound Solutions


QSC live sound solutions can be easily set up, with premium-audio output and proven reliable year after year.

QSC products and systems are designed to help inspire your performance and deliver high quality, unforgettable sound for your audience.

Performance Venues


Shure Wireless Solutions


Events today are using more wireless channels that ever, while the amount of available spectrum continues to get smaller.

Shure increases your confidence in operating in a variety of applications, and protect against dropouts and other issues even in large venues.

QSC Performance Venue Solutions


Building upon their reputation for superior fidelity. QSC brings together the best of our world-famous live sound products into a cost-effective and easy-to-manage package. 

Williams Sound Hearing Assistance Solutions


Hearing is a critical part of each visitor’s experience. Whether it’s a musical instrument, an audio description or a tour guide at a museum, a visitor’s experience can be defined not only by what they see but by their ability to hear.


Williams Sound offers solutions to help your venue meet your visitors and employees’ communication needs. Including an array of large-area RF, infrared and digital communication systems.

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