Across 2019 NSL celebrates 10 years and as part of this celebration, today, we proudly announce our company name change to NSL Group Ltd (NSL).

April 8, 2019 - Founded as Now Sound Ltd in 2009, our core brands and values remain but with major shifts in technology over the last 10 years we continue to adapt and innovate leading us to announce our official name change to NSL Group Ltd (NSL) for 2019 and forward – please refer to us as “NSL”.

You may have noticed we have been referring to ourselves as “NSL” for quite some time now. NSL represents the 10 year Now Sound Ltd legacy we remain proud of, but the change to NSL represents the future of the company as we continue to expand on the industries we serve, from the sound industry to AVC, and beyond. While NSL alongside Shure and QSC remain strong in the live sound industry with legacies spanning decades, in recent years both brands have also developed into leaders in the commercial and networked audio, video, control and monitoring technology movement. Alongside this, NSL have introduced complimentary brands WEKAWIRE, Williams AV and Visionary Solutions. Our brand line-up allows us to provide products and complete solutions in consumer electronics, professional AV, music and live sound production, hearing assistance, interpretation, presentation, collaboration, meeting and conferencing, background music, commercial audio, video, control and monitoring systems, and more.

“Group” represents the Group of Services we continue to expand on. NSL Distribution being the most obvious. As distributors, we provide customer service, technical sales, marketing, logistics, service and warranty support across a nationwide network of dealers and their customers. We are also industry education providers with an onsite training facility. NSL Training is hosted by NSL certified trainers or international manufacturer certified trainers, you can view NSL Training schedule here. We build strong NSL Industry Partnerships and Associations to provide information and support to our dealers and their customers and to ensure our brands and products are represented well across New Zealand. We work alongside charities, music artists and associations, industry related affiliates, consultants, programmers and more, both nationally and internationally to ensure NSL is well established in their industry knowledge and affiliations.

NSL are excited to move forward beyond our 10th Year with an official name change “NSL Group Ltd” that represents the change and innovation our company, brands and industry as a whole have, and continue to, experience.