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NSL Case Study | Xero Wellington XO Building

Aa a highly collaborative company, Xero needed to relocate more than 600 staff to a newly rebuilt five-floor landmark building in Wellington. Asnet provided 40+ meeting spaces and 30+ huddle rooms, plus three custom built-use areas with sleek design and simple to use technology to share and connect with individual devices.

World's most innovative growth company

Xero is one of the fastest growing Software as a Service companies globally. They foster a highly collaborative environment here the sharing of ideas and communication is a big part of their culture.

Founded in 2006, they lead the New Zealand, Australian, and United Kingdom cloud accounting markets, emplying a team of more than 1,800 people in twenty offices worldwide. Their cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anything, anywhere, ony any device. Forbes Media identified Xero as the World’s most innovative growth company in both 2014 and 2015.

The Project Brief

Xero required an agile working environment with simple to use meeting tehcnology that allowed their 600 staff to easily flow from their own google devices to sharing in Google-centric meeting spaces. The entire solution needed to be flexible and highly stable while also being readily supportable, IT-centric, and fit with their highly savvy IT team’s Google and on-net technology vision. 


Their meeting spaces needed to provide a seamless interactive experience for both in-house users and remote participants, with an intuitive interface platform and a sleek, modern finish. 


Xero’s special use areas, including a gymnasium, training room and all-hands presentation area also required maximum flexibility while offering a similar intuitive interface principal as the rest of the meeting spaces. 

Maximum Flexibility, Intuitive Interface

Asnet Technologies provided a complete design, supply, installation and configuration solution that suited Xero’s requirements superbly, utilising the latest in audiovisual technology to deliver a high quality and flexible system that blended in their sleek meeting spaces beautifully. 


Small & Medium Huddle Spaces Networked LCD displays were connected to a standard Google Chrome Box with microphones, speakers, and camera plus a table-mounted guest connector, all controlled via a Chrome remote and an AMX six-button network keypad.


Large Huddle Spaces & Boardroom In these larger spaces, in addition to the above technology, an unobtrusive ceiling microphone and speaker system was used that could be easily configured to maximise audibility and minimise noise. Shure’s unique ceiling tile microphones were pre-configured for all the different boardroom setups and can be re-configured at the touch of a button. To complete the sleek design, QSC flush mount ceiling speakers were used, powered by QSC amplifier. 


Training Room This large, flexible 9x9m room operate as a large huddle room with multiple layout options such as lecture, presentation or boardroom. Again, Shure’s ceiling tile microphone with QSC’s flush mount ceiling speakers and amplifier were used as the most flexible and sleek solution.


Gymnasium This space includes an LCD display to present a google chrome cast device, a wall HDMI outlet for room users, and a higher-level audio system with ceiling speakers and floor mounted sub woofers. Asnet paired QSC’s high quality ceiling speakers with their subwoofers, all powered with QSC’s Q-LAN enabled amplifier. All audiovisual control was delivered via an AMX six-button network keypad, as used in the meeting rooms. 


All Hands Area This fully customised meeting space utilises SVSi with Xero’s existing IT infrastructure. The space includes two large networked LCD displays for content presentation and the ability to connect participants from around the world. A third, smaller networked display and high quality fully controllable camera was mounted facing the lectern, to enable local presenters to present to local and worldwide teams seamlessly. 

Key Innovation

Asnet worked closely with NSL and QSC to provide exactly what Xero was looking for. Asnet built the whole AV system as an IT network deployment, which runs on the corporate network, enabling Xero’s IT team to manage the platform virtually as part of their own network. The system enabled audio to be streamed completely over the network without the need for hardware interfaces, further reducing costs. 


SVSi utilises thexisting Xero IT infrastructure, without the need to run specialised audiovisual cable or use proprietary switches and protocols. Standardising on a single, simple user interface in all areas virtually eliminated the need for user training.


Shure’s MXA910 ceiling tile array microphones are virtually invisible, a network product, and fully configurable with eight pickups to suit each space as needs change. The QSC AC-C6T flush mount ceiling speakers are high quality with sleek design.  


Asnet Technologies LTD is a well-respected industry leader in highly sophisticated, consistent quality audiovisual collaboration services and solutions. Asnet provides national overage with NZ-based staff and Customer Support team, having provided 3000+ systems. Asnet’s international partners include Global Presence Alliance, Microsoft, AMX, and InfoComm International.


NSL specialise in audio, video and control system solutions. They exclusively distribute globally trusted brands, Shure and QSC, recognised as leaders of innovation, quality, reliability and longevity and are 100% owned. 


QSC are a globally recognised leader in high performance audio products. 

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