Selecting the right Hearing, Assistive Listening or Interpretation System can be a tricky task. NSL are here to help, we provide local product advise and support, user- and integrator-training, service and warranty across a nationwide network of qualified dealers. We are the exclusive NZ distributor for Williams Sound, who manufacture four wireless technologies. Here is a summary of the key features to assist you with selecting your assistive listening system:

Standard RF

  • Excellent Sound
  • Quality
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Covers Large Area
  • Works Indoor or Outdoor
  • Up to 17 channels available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Digital RF

  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Allows Full-duplex or Two-way (Q & A) Communication
  • In Two-way or Duplex Mode, Up To 4 Concurrent Systems Can Be Used In The Same Area
  • In One-way or Simplex Mode, Up To 14 channels Can Be Used In The Same Area
  • Secure Encrypted Transmission
  • No License Required


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Secure Transmission Confined Within Room
  • Up To 4 Simultaneous Channels Can Be Used In The Same Area
  • Recommended For Indoor Installations Only
  • No License Required

Induction Loop

  • Excellent Sound Quality For T-coil Enabled Hearing Aids Users
  • Inconspicuous For T-coil Enabled Hearing Aids Users
  • No Receiver Management
  • No License Required
  • Transmission Confined Within Room

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