Tiki Taane

Artist, Producer, Activist, Engineer | Possibly one of the country's most well-known and diverse artists and producers, Tiki Taane is considered a pioneer in the NZ music scene, first rising to prominence as live engineer & eventually frontman of leading band Salmonella Dub in 1996 before embarking on his solo career in 2007.

Renowned as much for his powerful, headlining live performances as he is for the anthems he writes and produces, Tiki’s extraordinary ability to rock the mic as both a gifted performance MC and/or a solo acoustic performer is something to be experienced firsthand. Although affectionately known as ‘King of the Dubs’ in NZ, Tiki’s musical influences and appeal are broad, traversing from dubstep, reggae, drum n bass and hip-hop, to more contemporary pop/rock sensibilities. No matter the set he performs, or which country he performs in, the audience is always reminded of the sheer power of Tiki’s ability to unify, warm and wow as he seamlessly delivers a unique performance experience.

Tiki’s self produced debut solo release ‘Past Present Future’ achieved double platinum sales and picked up a swag of NZ Music awards. His beautiful acoustic love ballad ‘Always On My Mind’ rose to #1 and broke two all-time NZ records – it sat in the charts for a record 55 weeks and was also the first-ever digital single to achieve platinum sales.

In July 09, Tiki released his remix album ‘FLUX’ and in March 2011 his album ‘In the World Of Light’ which rose immediately to #1 in the charts. In 2013 Tiki released his live album ‘With Strings Attached’, which was recorded in a Wellington Church with his band The Dub Soldiers, an 18-piece string orchestra and kapahaka Te Pou O Mangatāwhiri. This album, also charting in the Top 20, was filmed and broadcasted to the country by TV ONE, beautifully showcasing Tiki’s immense diversity and appeal.

Fostering a strong artist community and collaborative mindset has always been part of Tiki’s ethos. Over the years he has teamed up with many international artists such as Joss Stone, Michael Franti, DUBFX, Andrew Tosh, Mad Professor, and has worked with nearly every bass heavy act in NZ.

Tiki has produced multi-platinum singles and albums, not only for himself but for top NZ artists such as Salmonella Dub, The Adults (Shihad), Six60 and long time friends Shapeshifter, for whom he’s been their exclusive live sound engineer since 1999.

Currently, with many studio projects under construction, Tiki is working on his fifth solo album due for release in 2016. His production skills and live shows are in hot demand globally making him one of the busiest musicians in NZ. Something that Tiki has worked very hard to achieve, solidifying his role as NZs “King of the Dubs”.

Tiki on Shure

What was your first Shure product? Are you still using this product now?

It would’ve been an SM58 around 1991 when i was in my first band. Since then I’ve always requested Shure microphones in my Tech rider as they’re the most reliable product out there in my experience. I’ve performed & engineered thousands of gigs world wide and Shure have never let me down yet.

How have Shure products helped you throughout your career?

I will never leave home without my Shure arsenal. I know exactly what an SM57 will do for me on a snare drum, or an Beta91 & Beta52 will do for me on a kick drum. These kind of things you can only learn by doing thousands of shows & having the opportunity to experiment with other brands. And in my opinion Shure will always have the quality, reliability, endurance, consistence & tone.

What Shure products could you not live without, and why?

I love my SRH940 headphones! Ive done so many studio sessions with these that they’ve become such an integral part of the recording, editing, arranging & mixing process. I use these headphones to do most of my drum editing as i can really hone in on getting things tight without annoying those around me. The amount of editing I’ve done on planes, trains, tour busses & airports with these headphones is crazy! They’ve helped my productivity immensely & I believe my mix downs have become cleaner, with more depth of field since using the SRH940s. The mic that i use a lot of in the studio is the SM7 (with a Distressor). This is a trusty combo which becomes really apparent when its time to mix down. And the vocal mic i prefer to use live is the sturdy Beta57A. It has the most gain before feedback I’ve ever used & its tough as F#%K! Ive thrown this mic all over stages, dropped it hundreds of times, kicked it across stages, used it to open beers, swallowed it & have spat it out nearly ever gig… and it still works! This mic is seriously tough.

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