Richie Allan

Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Engineer, Director, Head Ninja. These are but a few of the many titles Richie Allan goes by. Known best for his efforts and triumphs as lead guitarist and mastermind of New Zealand's most prolific instrumental act, Heavy Metal Ninjas, Richie has worn many "hoods" before arriving at this point.

Starting his professional music career as full-time sound engineer in the early 2000's for the Dub act Kora, later moving into the role of session bassist for the same outfit, Richie has since been acknowledged internationally by his peers, as a modern-classic virtuoso guitarist.

Richie considers himself to be from the "old-school" era, Shrapnel Records train of thought when it comes to his personal Lead Guitar style, with strong influences coming from the likes of Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai among others. However, Richie's approach and feel is undoubtedly his own, as outside influences such as video games, a love for cinema, and an unyielding interest in space and the unknown shine through brightly, not only in his composition.

Obviously taking so many roles requires a lot of knowledge, determination, and an affinity for learning. Richie, of course, has these bases covered and takes it upon himself to keep the Heavy Metal Ninjas engines turning by familiarizing himself with all necessary facets of running such an operation.

This has led to developing strong working relationships with companies such as Shure, QSC, Fractal Audio, DiMarzio and Ibanez; has seen Richie feature in Japan’s largest guitar publication Young Guitar Magazine and, finally, allowed for Heavy Metal Ninjas 2012 debut self-titled EP and subsequent 2013 debut full-length album Interstellar Abductions released on Warner Music New Zealand and Grindhouse Records Japan.

Richie on Shure:

  • What was your first Shure product? Are you still using this product now? SM57, occasionally used today, mostly used for live shows miking cabs, snare drums etc. Very robust, it'll live longer than my lifetime!
  • How have Shure products helped you throughout your career? They have helped me develop as a musician from a young age, engineer, mix and master a number of tracks and have just given me the confidence and freedom of playing live to not be restricted in any way, with guitar wireless freedom and perfect in-ear mixes everytime.
  • What Shure products could you not live without, and why? SRH940 Headphones, GLXD wireless and the PSM900. The headphones are just too good there is no going back and wireless freedom is how it should be, so reliable and robust, they're all you'll ever need.
  • Do you have any stories/experiences using Shure product in live performance and/or recording applications that are interesting to share? When I was in Europe playing the Euroblast Festival in 2014, I couldn't understand why my GLXD16 wasnt working............ I didn't turn the little switch on the side on! About as interesting and hilarious at this time :) other than that my experiences have been flawless, get it right first time I say, good trusted gear = focus on performing.
  • What qualities do you think defines Shure as a brand? And why would you choose Shure over other products? Obviously the products are second to none, thats a given, but the team at NSL and Shure are top notch, the main thing for me (other than product) is having a good relationship with amazing people.


  • Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Shure SRH940 Reference Studio Headphones
  • Shure GLXD16 Guitar Pedal Wireless System
  • Shure Beta58A Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone