MC Tali

Tali is internationally renown as one of the most prolific Female MC/Vocalists to emerge from the Electronic Dance music scene - particularly for her work and groundbreaking achievements within Drum n Bass.

After moving from NZ to the UK in 2001 to pursue a career in MCing and Drum n Bass music, She went on to work with some of the genres biggest names, including being signed to Drum n Bass legend Roni Size's 'Full Cycle' Imprint in 2004 and releasing the first ever MC driven album in Drum n Bass.('Lyric On My Lip')

Tali has with worked with some of the biggest names in DnB and toured the world several times over as both an MC and with a live band. She has released six studio albums, numerous singles both as a solo artist and collaboratively, has won three Drum n Bass awards, had a UK top 40 hit and is one of handful of Female artists to ever grace the cover of DJ Mag International.

Classically trained from a young age in both piano and singing, Tali was inspired by Jazz, Soul, Blues, Show tunes and Rap music, creating a unique concoction of material that has influenced her songwriting and more recently - her production.

Her last album 'Wolves' (2015) is a self produced effort of Electronic Soul infused with Hip Hop elements which went to #14 in the NZ album charts. Her latest release 'KETA' (2016) is a collaborative EP which features vocals from Kings and a cameo from Bailey Wiley, and contains production from both NZ and International producers.

Over the years Tali has combined her experience as a professional touring artist, songwriter, producer and trained teacher, to become a music mentor both through the NZ Music Commission In - schools program and independently. She is the music co ordinator at Sylvia Park School, a guest tutor at YAMI in Wanaka, and is also a sought after inspirational speaker, aiding in the development and support of Women in Electronic music. Tali is also an author with her blog and soon to be published work 'The Little White House' (Pegasus UK).

Tali on Shure:

  • How have Shure products helped you throughout your career? The studio microphones, have been instrumental in helping me record top quality albums and my latest EP. This is also true of my SRH940 headphones which I also used when I had my radio show and everyday in the studio. Their soft velvet covers ensure comfort for long periods of work. As well as this the stage microphones have been amazing because it is good to turn up to a gig and know you have a mic that is yours, that sounds good and suits your requirements.
  • What Shure products could you not live without, and why? I absolutely love my new KSM8 microphone - it is actually amazing. My PG42 studio mic as thats what I record all my work on, and my SRH940 headphones they are so comfortable and sound amazing - I use them for studio work and when Im travelling.
  • Do you have any stories/experiences using Shure product in live performance and/or recording applications that are interesting to share? I felt pretty cool turning up to Homegrown Festival in Wellington, NZ last year and being one of the first people in the country to be using the KSM8 stage mic. All the sound techs and a few of the other artists there gathered round to ooh and ahh over the mic especially its pimping finish! And the fact it sounded so good compared to the other mics being used, I was really stoked!
  • What qualities do you think defines Shure as a brand? And why would you choose Shure over other products? For me Shure just speaks of quality and assurance in what I'm using will serve my purpose well. I have been a fan of Shure products long before I was affiliated with the brand, and I still feel honoured that they chose such an eclectic electronic artist as myself to represent the brand.


  • Shure KSM8-N Dualdyne Vocal Microphone
  • Shure SM58 The Legendary Vocal Microphone
  • Shure SRH940 Reference Studio Headphones
  • Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Shure PSM900 Personal Monitor System