KINGS launched on to the New Zealand music scene with a boom! His first official release ‘Promise To You’, a collaboration with General Lee, was chosen to be on the Ministry of Sound SessioNZ 2013. After writing the track and singing the vocals, Kings then played it to his good friend Lee and together they carved it into a huge dancefloor anthem that caught the attention of Ministry of Sound.

In early 2016, North Shore based producer, songwriter and musician KINGS exploded onto the New Zealand music scene with his feel good hit ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’.

The track and impromptu music video which he shot in Fiji, using nothing but an iPhone, grew from an underground fan base online before skyrocketing to success. The track has since sold platinum, had over 5 million streams on Spotify, 1 million views on YouTube and went on to break the record for the longest running #1 New Zealand single, surpassing Lorde’s ‘Royals’.

KINGS went on to be nominated at the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’, ‘Single of the Year’ and ‘People’s Choice’, going on to take home ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’.

In late 2016, KINGS released his debut self-titled EP which featured ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’, ‘What We Supposed To Do’ and ‘Some Day’ along with three other tracks that showcased the wide variety of his production and writing skills.

Locally, KINGS has been known among music circles in Auckland for some time, he has collaborated with the likes of General Lee, BulletProof, Tali, Dan Aux, and Dick Johnson, and also produced for artists such as Jason Kerrison (OpShop) and Ashley Hughes (Kidz in Space).

KINGS has been producing music for the past six years and his production skill set also includes composing for film scores and commercials all over the world. KINGS is of Tuhoe and Te Arawa decent, and his studio/record label Arch Angel Records is based at Awataha Marae on Auckland’s North Shore.

Over the 2016/17 summer months KINGS toured with Broods and played festival slots at Rhythm and Vines, Homegrown and Bay Dreams, amongst others.

Kings on Shure:

  • What was your first Shure product? Are you still using this product now? Shure SM7B, still loving it!
  • How have Shure products helped you throughout your career? From the studio to the stage I can trust that Shure has the right tool for the job. In studio the SM7B gives me a great vocal sound every time, regardless of room acoustics. On stage i find the KSM8 picks up the tone and dynamic of my voice better than any other mic. Its knowing that Shure understands musicians and what makes us sound good that keeps me coming back.
  • What Shure products could you not live without, and why? My in-ears! (SE535) Didn't realise what I was missing out on until i made the switch from stage wedges to in-ear monitors. Being able to hear my band and more importantly myself on stage is life changing!
  • Do you have any stories/experiences using Shure product in live performance and/or recording applications that are interesting to share? I was recording a vocal take recently and just couldn't get my vocal sounding good. After repositioning the microphone 2 or 3 times we decided to switch from a condenser to the SM7b. What a difference! All the nasty room noise was gone and we were left with a take that required next to no EQ.
  • What qualities do you think defines Shure as a brand? And why would you choose Shure over other products? Since I started in this industry I have known Shure represents quality. From the solid construction of the products to the precision in sound Shure comes first in the field. Personally I don't feel I could get the same range and quality from any other company.


  • Shure PSM900 In-Ear Monitor System
  • Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Shure SM7B Studio Microphone
  • Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Microphone
  • Shure KSM8 Wireless Capsule
  • Shure SRH1540 Premium Headphones