Gael Ludlow

Gael Ludlow has been a musician and radio broadcaster in New Zealand for over 40 years. Her most well-known stint was hosting Love Songs ‘til Midnight on three stations across the country. She has also been awarded a Radio Award for Best Newsreader during her career. Quoting Gael “everything I do is centred on my voice and it's been the source of all my work and much pleasure along the way. Singing, writing, talking and recording is what I do. Not a bad life!”

Gael’s music career started when she was 16 years old, singing 'Bill Bailey' and 'San Jose' in a band at Hamilton's Hillcrest Tavern. Later establishing her own bands, Pocket Rocket and Gaelforce, where she often performed her own songs on vocals, guitar or flute. The Shure SM58 became a staple early on in her career.

More recently, Gael has been with Blues band Riverhead Slide for the past 13 years. The band has released several albums, with the latest 'Hanging with the Blues' being recorded at Roundhead Studios, which Gael describes as “a great experience!” The band plays regularly at Festivals where Gael relies on her GLX-D wireless microphone system.

Having retired from her Love Songs ‘til Midnight gig, Gael remains on the broadcast scene working shifts at The Coast radio station, as well as regular voice over jobs and vocal coaching. Gael notes “with my vocal coaching business students range in age from around 8 to adult. My Shure gear is often the first experience students have of singing and recording with good equipment, and it really enhances their experience.”

With a voice like hers, and a career relying on it, Gael needs accuracy and clarity. She mentions that Shure microphones and headphones “have given me professional sound and confidence in gigs playing to audiences that range in size from just a few to thousands, and in the studio, they've helped me produce the very best voice over quality.”

When Gael recently upgraded her studio to include the Shure SRH1540 headphone and KSM42 recording microphone, the first feedback from a client was "Gael the quality is 100% better...honest. Good on you and a great investment. You won't regret it." And she hasn’t!


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