Dead Favours

Distilling their special blend of heady rock and roll, Dead Favours are an Auckland-based rock group consisting of vocalist Jared Wrennall, guitarist Kyle Wetton, bassist Will Kearney, and drummer Charlie Smith. Their music is a is a staunch blend of riffs, beats and balls-out energy muddled together with tales of love, life and loss.

Formed in 2016, former Steriogram drummer Jared Wrennall and drummer Charlie Smith decided to put together a new project with Jared on vocals. They soon invited Kyle Wetton to take up guitar duties and rounded up the line up Will Kearney on bass in late 2018. Now, after 3 years in the making they have just released their debut album.

Storming straight out of the gates with thumping drums and a riff that means absolute business, Misbehaviour
is a defiant anthem for those moments in life that arise just to provoke, and ingrain that feeling that nothing is
going to go your way.

Misbehaviour is the title track from the album of the same name which released 21 June 2019. This debut album is the result of three years of dedication and hard graft, which has been punctuated with a succession of single
releases including the radio hits Dig and On Your Own.
This 10 song collection of massive rock tracks was recorded between Homesurgery studios in Melbourne and
The Lab in Auckland, with Shihad’s Tom Larkin as Producer and Jon Grace on Engineer and co-producer duties
across both sides of the ditch.

Dead Favour's debut album, Missbehavour was recorded in Melbourne and Auckland, with Tom Larkin (Shihad) and Jon Grace from Homesurgery Studios on production, Misbehaviour packs every inch of punch from their live performance (minus the Tequila) into what might just be New Zealand’s next top rock album of 2019.

It’s developed into a special project and I’m really proud of what’s going to come out of this album. I think it’s f*ckin’ awesome.” – Tom Larkin (Shihad)"

Working with Tom Larkin and his team has been an outstanding, inspiring and highly educational experience,”

the band states. “We could tell you dozens of stories about their unusual methods to get the best
performances out of us and in turn make us better musicians. They had the ability to hear potential in our
ideas, and help us achieve them in ways that we never could have imagined. We are ridiculously proud of the
end result and are stoked to have made some life-long friends in the process”
Although the band don't like to take themselves too seriously, the album continues to expand on the
emotional themes of the lead single, and is inspired by many of the tough situations the band has been
through over the last few years.

“After we finished recording the album, upon listening back, we started to see a theme running through the
album,” they explain. “The concept for Misbehaviour came from the idea that it feels like life can often
misbehave. Like it's pushing against you just to piss you off. Lyrically the album is drawn from many of the
tough situations that life throws at you - relationship difficulties, family issues, mental health struggles,
building a house, selling a house... many of the struggles we all go through at some point in our lives.”
The band also celebrate the journey towards album release day with a 5-part mini-documentary, which debuts
on the Dead Favours YouTube channel today. Releasing a new episode each week, the series will take you
behind the scenes of the Misbehaviour album recording process.

Watch it here:

Live, Dead Favours are a growing force to be reckoned with, performing scorching sets at Rock The Park and
Homegrown, while gaining major supports for international acts Rise Against, Royal Blood and Halestorm.

Dead Favours on Shure:

What was your first Shure product? Are you still using this product now?

It must have been the classic SM58. We learnt all about it when studying audio engineering.

How have Shure products helped you throughout your career?

It’s safe to say that you can rock up to just about any show and there is going to be a good collection of Shure mics, 57’s on the guitars – always the go to. Quite often like a Beta58 for vocals. And lets not forget the 52A – great for kick drums and bass cabs!

What Shure products could you not live without, and why?

We’ve recently started using the SE425 in ear monitors and its been an absolute game changer! Being able to hear EVERYTHING clearly and as much or as little as you want is unbelievable. I don’t think we could ever go back!

Do you have any stories/experiences using Shure product in live performance and/or recording applications that are interesting to share?

Nothing personally that comes to mind, although I have seen first hand a SM58 will go through the roof (and continue to work!) if you swing the lead hard enough!

What qualities do you think defines Shure as a brand? And why would you choose Shure over other products?

You just cant beat the reliability and the quality of Shure products. It’s always been a go to, whether its mics, headphones, earphones.